Cyber Research and Innovation Society (CRIS) was founded to build digitally secure futurefor the society by collaboration between national and international leaders in government, industry, and the academia focused in cyber laws, cyber security, and cyber forensics. 

Our vision is to bring awareness, provide education, conduct research and innovation in cyber domain to help address emerging issues related to cyber law, cyber security, data, finance and risk driven by existing and emerging technologies. 

We aim to bring together professionals working in judiciary, legal, investigation & security agencies, police, cyber security, risk management, data, forensic, technology and finance.

We plan to harness talent, disseminate knowledge to members, build skills and networks amongst them and encourage them to adhere to highest ethical standards and professional integrity.

We shall act as a catalyst to help build better and highly effective government policies, laws, regulations and for clean & efficient governance in public and private sector.

Our mission is to focus on cross-sector and cross-industry efforts to address, prevent issues and challenges in cyber activity to help create a successful & innovative cyber ecosystem.

While most efforts to address in cyber space have been industry, sector, or geographically specific, Cyber Research and Innovation Society is unique as it spans across industries, sectors andborders. We are committed to make an impact to digitally secure future for the society.