PKI Infrastructure

PKI Infrastructure – II

PKI Infrastructure

PKI Infrastructure – I

Cyber Contraventions

Cyber contraventions

Enforcing Law Through Cyberspace: Virtual Adjudication

Enforcing Law Through Cyberspace: Virtual Adjudication

Arbitration through cyberspace

Speaking on Adjudication through cyberspace – Virtual Arbitration mapping the Blockchain, Artificial intelligence, Smart Contract & law with the objective of online adjudication /arbitration as a medium of speeder and cost effective mechanism to deliver justice, at a conference – ‘Dispute Resolution in Metro & Mini Cities’ organized by ASSOCHAM & CACD at New Delhi.

Law Related to Digital Evidence/Forensics

Delivered presentation on Legal Challenges of Computer Forensics & Expert Testimony in the Court mapping Electronic Evidence, Chain of Custody, Principle of Digital Evidence, Expert Testimony, Daburt Principle & Challenges during trials including admissibility, authenticity of computer forensic reports


The Information Technology Act, 2000 makes electronic documents equivalent to the physical documents and provides for legal recognition of Electronic Record, Digital Signature & retention of Electronic Data.

Jurisdiction in Cyber Space


Forensic audit in the Insolvency Proceedings & Role of IP

Digital Signature

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