Being a member of the Cyber Research and Innovation Society (CRIS) helps you realise your ambitions in cyber law, cyber security and cyber forensics space.

Whether you’re a student, a professional, a leader or a corporate, you need a network of support and a firm understanding of what you can bring to the future and contribute.

We take a holistic approach to developing skills through practical education, networking opportunities, career advice, solving emerging issues and come up with new ideas and approaches.You will have an opportunity to get engaged on the following:


All members get 25% concession in conferences and events organized by CRIS.

For corporates, we take senior level representative to get actively engaged in our various committees and also work on the joint projects in research and innovation space.


Associate Membership Fee (Individual)         First time – INR 2,500
                                                                              (for first five years)

Associate Membership Fee (Corporate)        First time – INR 5,000
                                                                             (for first five years)

* Membership Fee is non-refundable


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