CRIS engages in interdisciplinary education and outreach programs that focus on cyber security, cyber Law & cyber forensics and its role in society, particularly the impact of IT in security, law and privacy broadly conceived. CRIS nurtures leaders and scholars, educates students, professionals and the community, and collaborates with its partners to develop and deploy innovative education solutions.

First step in Cybersecurity is to be aware of the threat environment, current procedures, and then decide on how to improve them. CRIS’s objective is to create awareness in areas of cyber security, cyber Law & cyber forensics through education.

Our approach is non-traditional and is more focused on the industry and issues which would have add significant sustained value to the different segments to the society. Ourmethodology is to leverage the new era technologies like online, applications, webinar, conferences, workshops and / or a combination of these. 

Our focus is to deliver the content by integrating cyber law with technology or finance or business methods. These areas are coordinated with different stakeholders to designcustomized modules& solutions and training curriculum to enhanceknowledge and value for the different sections of the society.

In an endeavor to create awareness and support to combat cybercrimes, CRIS is focusing to educate the community by designing and conduct courses, training, workshops in schools, colleges, law enforcement agencies, national and international organizations& other stakeholders with support from its partner organizations and members.

On the request of the government, corporates and other organizations, we closely work with to provide customized and new areas of education.

For our select list of education solutions offered in collaboration with our affiliates, please click the below links 

  1. For universities and students
  2. For corporates, government & professional group

To discuss on the existing or new areas to educate, please write to us at