The blockchain, a decentralized technology or distributed ledger on which transactions are anonymously recorded has initiated a new revolution. In addition to its use for cryptocurrencies and related potential misuse by cyber criminals, it’s is going to change the society the way we transact business, manage assets, to the way we store our documents, vote, use our machines, and even prove who we are. It will transform companies, governments and the society at large.

CRIS is delighted to announce it’s committee on Blockchain technology which will research on related emerging legal issues, design standard operating procedures and help address the challenges/gaps due to blockchain. Blockchain committee members include

S.No. Name Designation
1 Neeraj Aarora Cyber Lawyer & Forensic Expert
2 Sandeep Arora Co-Founder & CEO, CyberImmersions Solutions
3 Amit Kumar DIG, CBI
4 Rajesh Kumar Founder, Brainy IoT Pvt. Ltd.
5 Kamal Dhamija Information Security Slolution Architect at TCS
6 Paramveer Singh

Manager Information Security

7 Jagmohan Singh

CISO, Canara Bank