The primary objective of the CRIS is to promote research & innovation in the cyber domain. To achieve this objective, the contemporary areas of the research would be identified with respect to the issues for the forensic community, law enforcement agencies, legal community or the society as a whole.

The members, experts, board of advisors & other stakeholders may raise an area of concern which may require research and need to develop new methodologies, standard operating procedures (SOPs) or meet any other specific objective. The multiple approaches to be used for promoting the research & innovation would be:-

  • Developing the committees of the member, experts & researcher into the particular field relating to cyber law, computer forensics or other relevant domains.
  • Conducting workshops or conferences into the research areas 
  • Publication of article, white paper on the research topics 
  • Collaborating  with partners, colleges or other research institutes
  • Establishing working groups of the persons /groups/organisations to promote the research & innovation

As a researcher,

  • You will be exposed to the research & innovation into the areas of  cyber laws, cyber forensics & other relevant cyber domains
  • You may publish your article, research papers on the subject to the approval of the management
  • You can participate into the workshops, conferences or other events organised by CRIS at discounted fees.
  • You can work with the CRIS as an Intern/Trainee for short durations subject to the availability & approval of the management
  • You may be empanelled as an Expert subject to your attaining expertise into any cyber domain relevant to CRIS subject to the approval of the management

To become a researcher, you need to be a Associate Member. If you are already a CRIS’s Associate Member, you may write to us at to enroll as a researcher.