Possession of ransomware is now a crime in Michigan

New legislation signed by the governor closes a loophole that hindered pursuit of suspected cybercriminals.

A pair of new laws in Michigan will toughen the state’s stance on ransomware, a type of malware that has caused $2.6 million in damages to the state in 2017, according to FBI statistics.

PA 95 and 96 were signed into law by Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder on Monday, closing a loophole in Michigan code that allowed cybercriminals in the state to legally possess ransomware. Prior to the new laws, Michigan state police had no recourse to charge cybercriminals that had ransomware on their computer if they didn’t actually use it. In other words, bill sponsor Rep. Brandt Iden told StateScoop, “It didn’t allow you to go after someone who possessed ransomware software with the intent to use. The law just said: ‘If you used ransomware, then we could come after you.'” ..read more..

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