IoT Applications in Forensics

For most, the word “forensics” brings to mind classic procedural dramas like Bones, Criminal Minds or Cold Case. Maybe you picture white coats in a lab, dusting common household objects for fingerprints. Forensic science is the application of science to both criminal and civil law. Such effort uncovers both tangible and unbiased evidence in determining the outcome of legal proceedings.

With the evolution of the internet, we’ve seen that the evolution of criminal behavior and digital crime requires a unique and novel form of forensics expertise. If someone takes advantage of your behavior online to steal your money, or worse, your identity, experts use digital forensics to dust for digital fingerprints to catch the bad guy.

IoT, though, introduces a new level of cyber-threat. Your internet behavior no longer exists within the confines of your desktop or mobile devices; it now includes your smart home, connected car and many other devices. Even your smart pet collar opens the door for bad actors to access your data. Here we’ll look at some applications and challenges professionals are encountering in the burgeoning field of IoT forensics. ..Read More..

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