Gangs targeting autistic gamers in bid to create next generation of cyber-criminals, police warn

Organised crime gangs have been recruiting autistic teenage gamers to become the next generation of cyber-criminals, police have warned.

Gangsters operating online, have targeted the most vulnerable youngsters, exploiting their desire to fit into a virtual world that values their computing prowess.

By identifying teenagers who are willing to bend the rules and cheat at computer games, they are then able to draw them into increasing levels of criminality.

According to the latest research, more than 80 per cent of cyber-criminals have a background in computer gaming and the pastime can provide a fast track for those who graduate to hacking, fraud and other online offences.

Specialist detectives are now working with the gaming industry to identify the most at risk teenagers and are developing initiatives that will help steer them towards lucrative careers in the legitimate computing world. ..Read more..

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