Julian Assange: A Life Above the Rule of Law

The arrest of Julian Assange in London on April 11 is a victory for the rule of law. Whatever one believes of the purported nobility of his ideology that governments and persons he does not like should be subject to information warfare under the guise of targeted “transparency,” Assange and his allies and enablers have done far more harm than good.

Individuals, businesses, and governments have the right to live within digital rules and laws. Anything else is a crime, espionage or information warfare. Respect for protected and private information, whether it be for individuals or nations, is essential for societal function. Individuals who take it upon themselves to decide who deserves data respect and who does not are dangerous for all. Who’s next?

Assange may have begun believing global data transparency exposes enough wrongdoing that his ends justify his means. Wherever he began, he now stands before a magistrate as a presumed accomplice of the Russian government in undermining the integrity of the 2016 US presidential election.

Assange may have begun as one of many opposing the US intervention in Iraq and ouster of the Taliban in Afghanistan, but now stands before a magistrate charged with trying to undermine the safety of US military personnel abroad, helping expose the United States’ most sensitive signals intelligence gathering tools (but not Russia’s), and as someone believed to be working to undermine the United States’ diplomatic standing around the world. He stands before a magistrate as a probable tool and partner of Russia against the West, Europe, democracy, the rule of law, and the United States. ..Read more..

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