Worried about internet safety for kids? Here’s how to keep a check on online activity

TikTok may seem a form of innocuous entertainment. Sometimes, even parents make short video clips featuring their kids. We asked experts to tell us how to exercise online safety, particularly when it comes to kids using the platform.

The Madras High Court recently asked the Centre to ban the download of the Tik Tok app since it reportedly entails the risk of child abuse, child pornography and suicides. The Chinese video app is said to have over 30 million users in India so far. On the face of it, the video content on the app, also used by celebrities, may only seem to be a form of innocuous entertainment. And so, one commonly sees children using it. Sometimes, even parents make short clips featuring not just older children but infants too. But is it safe for children to be on TikTok and other online platforms? Before we hit the panic button, here’s what experts have to say.

Children are not only spending more and more time online, but doing so without any understanding of online etiquette. The addiction begins with users competing over getting the maximum followers on their profile. “On apps like TikTok, users tend to compete over securing the maximum number of likes and followers and indulge in posting certain videos and other activities. And so, children using the app are likely to spend long hours on it rather than utilising the time to study or play,” cyber crime consultant and information security professional Mukesh Chaudhary told Express Parenting. ..Read more..

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