Why Pornography Is The Future of 5G

I spend most of my days writing about 5G. Sometimes it’s about the technology, sometimes it’s about the people developing 5G but often it’s about use cases. What are people going to do with 5G? All the examples tend to fall into the trap of “But you can do that with 4G”. One of the reasons this is true is that because real 5G doesn’t exist yet all the experimentation is being done with a combination of 4G and Wi-Fi.

Another problem is that we’ve never been very good at working out what people want to do with a new technology. When Three launched in 2003 (ish) it was convinced that Video Calling was a thing. That and Football clips. They were not. Early 3G wasn’t up to it and the 64kbps video was rubbish.

When One2One launched 2G the phones came with a services button, you could check the weather, buy flowers or – actually I forget. No-one used the services and One2One dropped the idea. What we’ve really learnt about new technologies is that they are unpredictable. Use cases spring out of nowhere. Text messaging? That was a good idea in a meeting, not a thought out use case. The success of Podcasting took Apple by surprise. For all the thought and research, the things people think will be used turn out to be like Internet fridges and flying cars – both have been coming soon for decades. ..Read more..

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