Man Pleads Guilty to Apple Phishing Scam Used to Hack iCloud Accounts of Rappers and Athletes

A Georgia man pleaded guilty last week to using phishing tactics to hack the Apple accounts and credit card details of a number of “high-profile” celebrities and athletes, scamming victims out of hundreds or thousands of dollars, according to the Justice Department.

For roughly three years beginning in at least March 2015, Kwamaine Jerell Ford was able to convince dozens of individuals—including professional and college athletes as well as rappers, who were not identified—to share their iCloud login credentials by sending emails intended to look like they were coming from an Apple customer service account, the Justice Department said.

According to a court filing, Ford sent phishing emails using the intentionally misleading email addresses “” and “” He would sometimes pose as an Apple representative while speaking with the victims by phone, the filing claims.

Ford attempted to use the victims’ login credentials to take over their iCloud accounts by changing their passwords, email addresses, and security questions, essentially locking them out completely unless they contacted Apple directly by phone, according to the Justice Department. After gaining access to their accounts, the court filing said, Ford would use their credit card information to wire money to himself or charge purchases, which included everything from travel expenses and airfare to furniture. ..Read more..

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