New tools in the battle against online data misuse

Advances in digital technology are challenging our concept of privacy. In today’s world, huge volumes of data are being collected, shared and stored in unprecedented ways and at tremendous speeds. Everything we do with our connected devices generates data that can be used or misused without our knowledge. Controlling when and how our personal data is used by others seems impossible, especially since sharing this information is an integral part of our participation in today’s society.

To tackle this problem, the EU-funded project PRIVACY FLAG has created helpful tools that promote privacy and personal data protection. These tools are based on an innovative system called the Universal Privacy Risk Area Assessment Methodology (UPRAAM). UPRAAM was developed by the project team to assess whether applications, websites and Internet of things (IoT) technology comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Swiss data protection law. Using the UPRAAM-based tools, citizens can check if their privacy rights are being respected and companies can get the help they need to comply with personal data protection requirements. ..Read more..

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