Ukrainian Man Arrested by Cyber Police for Cryptojacking his Own Websites; to be Imprisoned for 6 Years

The Ukranian cyber police say that they have arrested an unnamed person who infected numerous of his websites with malware such as ‘Wannacry.’ He infected his own websites by putting crypto mining malware scripts into it; local law enforcement of Ukraine reported the matter on March 26.

An unnamed 32-year-old man has been caught by the cyber-crime unit of the Ukraine national police from the region of Bukovina who, apparently, put cryptojacking software over a number of educational websites which were developed and administered by him.

The unidentified websites and the internet resources were visited by around 1.5 million users every month, the cyber-crime police mentioned.

The police further stated that upon installing the crypto mining malware scripts on the websites, it was extending towards visitors devices like CPU and GPU power to unlawfully mine cryptocurrencies. The cyber-crime police investigation reveals that the act of infecting was intentionally done by the unnamed man. ..Read more..

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