Peeling the Onion — Security Onion OS

In a world where security threats feel out of control, the security professional needs some help to do their job. Security tools are an important part of the armory for those professionals. But there is quite a bit of choice, including open-source enterprise toolkits. The question being asked is do you build your own setup, or do you look to other solutions to give you what you need to tackle cyberthreats?

Security Onion is a Linux distro that is based on Ubuntu and contains a wide spectrum of security tools. It is so named because these tools are built as layers to provide defensive technologies in the form of a variety of analytical tools. When you install Security Onion, you are effectively building a defensive threat-hunting platform.

Security Onion is described as a Network Security Monitoring (NSM) platform that “provides context, intelligence and situational awareness of your network.” (Source.)

Although Security Onion is free and open-source there is a company associated with it, Security Onion Solutions who offer related services and products. ..Read more..

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