Bitcoin Asset Manager Casa Reveals New “Military Tech” To Protect Crypto Hardware Wallets

You can always count on Casa, a Bitcoin management startup, to offer its several opportunities to store their Bitcoin more safely. Now, the company has just revealed to Coindesk its newest product: “Faraday bags” for hardware wallets.

This device was inspired in a military technology which was created to protect the user from electromagnetic pulse attacks.

According to the crypto media outlet, these are protective cases which are created with a material that protects them from electronic signals. Why would you use them? Because these signals could be easily used to wipe out your wallet or cause any kind of alteration on your device. Therefore, they are another measure of safety for you.

The CEO of Casa, Jeremy Welch, has affirmed during the interview that the company did it because they simply did not see anyone else providing a similar service to this one. According to them, they just had to find a pro and design this product to be sold in the market.

Welch added that they wanted to create something that could protect the hardware wallet of the user. It had to be protected from natural risks like water, dust and the electronic ones, including electromagnetic pulse blasts, which are a real threat to electronic devices. ..Read more..

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