We’re not prepared for the promise of artificial intelligence, experts warn

Artificial intelligence will unleash changes humanity is not prepared for as the technology advances at an unprecedented pace, leading experts told an audience at the official opening Monday of Stanford University’s new AI center.

At a day-long symposium accompanying the center’s launch, speakers from Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates to former Google AI chief Fei-Fei Li and a host of other leaders in the field laid out the promise of AI to transform life for the better or — if appropriate measures are not taken — for the worse.

The Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence, a cross-disciplinary research and teaching facility dedicated to the use of AI for global good, needs to educate government along with students, Gates said during his keynote speech.

“These AI technologies are completely done by universities and private companies, with the private companies being somewhat ahead,” Gates told the audience. “Hopefully things like your institute will bring in legislators and executive-branch people, maybe even a few judges, to get up to speed on these things because the pace and the global nature of it and the fact that it’s really outside of government hands does make it particularly challenging.”

Gates said AI can speed up scientific progress. “It’s a chance — whether it’s governance, education, health — to accelerate the advances in all the sciences,” Gates said. ..Read more..

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