EU law enforcement agencies prepare for major cyber attacks

Large-scale cyber attacks with serious repercussions in the physical world, such as crippling an entire sector or society, are no longer unthinkable, according to Europol.

To prepare for major cross-border cyber attacks, the EU Council has adopted an EU Law Enforcement Emergency Response Protocol that gives a central role to Europol’s European Cyber Crime Centre (EC3).

The protocol is part of the EU’s Blueprint for coordinated response to large-scale cross-border cyber security incidents and crises. It is designed as a tool to support the EU law enforcement authorities in providing immediate response to major cross-border cyber attacks through rapid assessment, the secure and timely sharing of critical information and effective coordination of the international aspects of their investigations.

The unprecedented WannaCry and NotPetya cyber attacks in 2017 underlined the extent to which incident-driven and reactive responses were insufficient to address rapidly evolving cyber criminal operations effectively, Europol said. ..Read more..

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