Purveyor of Cracked Netflix, Hulu, Spotify Accounts Arrested

A Sydney man has been arrested after allegedly selling hundreds of thousands of compromised account details for subscription streaming services, including for Netflix, Hulu and music streaming service Spotify – raking in about $212,000 ($300,000 AUD) in profit in the process.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) were tipped off to the 21-year-old malefactor’s alleged activities by the FBI last May, as part of an investigation into a now-defunct account generator website called WickedGen.com. He was arrested on Tuesday and his premises raided, according to an AFP statement.

The perp has been charged with offenses relating to the alleged use of false identities and cybercrime; the AFP believes that he compromised more than 120,000 users and sold almost one million sets of account details globally over the course of his cybercrime career.

“This arrest is another example of the value and importance of our relationship with the FBI,” said AFP manager for cybercrime and acting commander Chris Goldsmid, in the statement. “These partnerships – both internationally and domestically – are critical in law enforcement being able to respond to rapidly-evolving and increasingly global crime types.”

The AFP said that WickedGen operated for approximately two years, selling account details for popular online services gleaned via brute-forcing and credential-stuffing efforts. These techniques bet on password reuse; combinations of user names and passwords stolen in past data breaches are tried on other accounts in an automated way, until the right credentials are uncovered for the account at hand. ..Read More..

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