Australia isn’t buying local cyber and the rest of the world might soon follow

Organisations wanting to get off the ground in Australia have long battled with the tyranny of distance when selling on the global stage, but they have closed the gap over recent years, thanks to that little thing called the internet and the ability to transact through a cable.

Lucky for them, especially since Australia isn’t overly interested in buying Australian when it comes to cybersecurity, Alex van Someren, Early Stage technology investor and partner at Amadeus Capital, told the AustCyber AllStars program at the Sydney Joint Cyber Security Centre on Monday.

“Australian buyers are unwilling to buy Australian technology … that’s a crying shame, that’s a real missed opportunity in terms of supporting local creativity, and it’s particularly ironic because the impression that I get in the rest of the world is the respect that people have for Australian engineering and the quality of what’s actually produced is very high indeed,” he said.

“It’s actually the opposite of the way that people are behaving locally.

“It just seems crazy that [people are] not really exploiting the potential in Australia and the message I get from outside Australia is completely different.”

However, Australian cyber organisations are now dealing with yet another roadblock to having their product consumed overseas and as van Someren highlighted, it’s Canberra that is having a global influence over how Australian cyber is portrayed. ..Read More..

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