MIT Develops Machine Learning Algorithm To Fight AI-Generated Text

With artificial intelligence taking a major leap in recent years and estimates showing it will likely grow even more, we have seen many discoveries which could do more harm than good. One such example is the text-generator developed by OpenAI. The machine learning algorithm can turn only a small portion of text into lengthy and convincing paragraphs. Now MIT has collaborated with IBM’s Watson AI lab to develop a machine learning algorithm to fight AI-generated text like that generated by OpenAI’s algorithm.

Language models are growing in popularity, and many of them are capable of effortlessly processing natural human language. It all started with predicting the next word users were preparing to type, first through auto-correct and then by offering suggestions based on the word the user just typed. For example, the Gmail app can try to predict the next word users want to say while writing an email an email.

Language models have now improved dramatically, leaving plenty of room for manipulation. In other words, people with malicious intents could use text generators to spread propaganda or false information. However, a new forensic machine learning algorithm does an excellent job at recognizing AI-generated text. It’s called GLTR, and it accurately predicts automatically-generated text. It uses the same language model as OpenAI’s text generator, which is GPT-2 117M. ..Read more..

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