Analysis: The real cybersecurity battleground

That’s the unified message that National Security Agency, FBI and Homeland Security Department officials brought to the RSA cybersecurity conference last week.

During keynote addresses, panel discussions and news conferences Tuesday, they were laser-focused on the digital security threat China poses to the U.S., describing it as more complex and damaging than any posed by other digital adversaries.

“I kind of look at Russia as the hurricane. It comes in fast and hard,” Rob Joyce, NSA’s senior cybersecurity adviser and former White House cybersecurity coordinator, told reporters. China, on the other hand, “is climate change: long, slow, pervasive.”

Chris Krebs, director of DHS’ Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, backed up that assessment.

“Russia’s trying to disrupt the system,” he said, but “China’s trying to manipulate the system to its ultimate long-term advantage.” Combating Chinese digital espionage will be one of four major focus areas for his agency during the next 18 months, he said. ..Read More..

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