How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Aquaculture And Marine Management

Life on earth began in the deep blue waters. Our common ancestor, of all the living organisms on this planet, can be traced back to the microbes in the deep sea hydrothermal vents. Though the intricacies of this theory are beyond the scope of this article, the role of oceans in the modern era is quite obvious and very well documented.

From absorption of greenhouse gases by phytoplankton to facilitating the majority of the trade across the world, oceans have been a link to all the living organisms on this planet. So, ensuring the normalcy is not an act of altruism but unfortunately an act of dire necessity.

The degradation of coral reefs and the news of dwindling marine stocks have been on the rise. While the masses are busy debating the dawn of Anthropocene, few researchers in the northernmost part of Australia, have been deploying artificial intelligence to prepare a specific database of marine species for marine management. ..Read More..

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