Report: Are Monero Transactions Traceable?

Monero: A Privacy Coin
Monero uses cryptography to protect addresses and receive addresses, as well as transacted numbers. To remain private, Monero uses ring signatures, ring – sensitive transactions and undetectable addresses to hide the origin, amounts, and destinations of all transactions. Monero’s units cannot be blacklisted by sellers or exchanges, as previous Monero transactions cannot be linked.

Monero is based on an application – level cryptographic protocol that focuses on the privacy of Ring Signatures.
Ring Signatures are the main mechanism for the structure of Monero transactions after they have been broadcast from the portfolio. Ultimately, Monero uses ring signatures, ring – sensitive transactions ( RCT ) and secret addresses to block transactions at the protocol level, protecting both senders and recipients from eavesdropping, while at the same time allowing third parties to approve transactions if necessary. ..Read More..

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