Israel Claims Iran Tried to Hack Its Missile Warning System

Tel Aviv claims Iran attacks Israel “on a daily basis,” but US cybersecurity experts say the Iranian threat could be exaggerated.

Senior Israeli officials claimed in an interview for Bloomberg that Iran attempted to hack the country’s missile warning system in 2017.

According to Brigadier General Noam Shaar, the outgoing head of the cyber defense division in the Israeli army’s Cyber Defense Directorate, the Israeli military detected an infiltration and monitored it until it was apparent that the attack was aimed at the automated missile alert system.

“We dealt with them and built another barrier and another monitoring system to make sure we could stop them if they tried again,” he told Bloomberg.

According to the report, US-based cyber-security company FireEye Inc., which tracked the attackers for several months, pointed the finger at Tehran in January and also said Iran could be behind other attacks across the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and North America. ..Read More..

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