Is Artificial Intelligence Increasing Or Decreasing Cybercrime?

There’s a lot of talk about the impact of new technologies on the cybersecurity domain. Artificial intelligence, in particular, is seen as a potential game-changer. But as the discussion grows stronger, how will AI’s application actually affect cybersecurity? To understand that, let’s take a look at the role artificial intelligence can play – both for cybercriminals and cybersecurity experts.

When analysing the current threat landscape, it is easy to see how fraught with challenges it is. Traditional, prevention-focused, rule-based security approaches became obsolete a while ago. The IT perimeter itself has become porous. Cybercriminals are using sophisticated, multi-layered attacks to take advantage of this situation. Recent attacks such as WannaCry highlight just how vulnerable the global IT landscape is to advanced threats.

The addition of AI into the mix will definitely worsen the situation. Using AI, cybercriminals can automate their attacks. Attacks will be swifter, their surface area larger and capable oftargetingvulnerabilities with greater efficiency. It provides an opportunity to threat actors to continue doing what they were doing, in a better and more effectiveway. The number of incidents will go up as a result, as will their impact. A single local breach could end up compromising networks and devices on a global scale. ..Read More..

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