Malicious Intrusion Hit Networks Of Parliament, Political Parties In Australia

Cyber-attacks are one of the most crippling attacks of modern times especially when they hit the important servers. Australian parliament was the latest institution to be hit by such an attack when a malicious intrusion was noted in their computer networks, as reported by Scott Morrison, the Australian Prime Minister.

According to the report, the intrusion was by a complicated “state actor” but, allegedly, there was no disturbance in the electoral situation. Since elections are to be held in Australia in recent months, this comes as a relief. Initially, it was thought that only the servers of the Parliament that were affected. On further investigation, it was found that the servers of Liberals, Nationals, and Labors, the leading political party of the country were also subjected to the intrusion.

The important question that arises here is who conducted this attack. The Prime Minister has confirmed that a foreign state is involved but refused to divulge in any further details. Going by recent statistics, Australian servers have faced such attacks earlier and China has been the perpetrator. Thus, they are at the top of the suspect list, according to Fergus Hanson, a cybersecurity expert. However, the representative of the Chinese Embassy, Geng Shuang, has denied the allegations vehemently, stating that these incriminations were baseless and based on assumptions and not any evidence. He further asked the government to refrain from such blame-game in order to not jeopardize their relations. ..Read More..

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