The world must work together against Chinese cyber-aggression

China has sought to exploit global cyber vulnerabilities to build its network of intelligence, trade secrets, and other data. As the latest revelations about a breach of Norwegian business software firm Visma make clear, the U.S. cannot push back on China’s nefarious hacking without cooperation from its allies.

On Wednesday, cyber-intelligence firm Recorded Future released a report on its investigation into an attack on Visma as well as two other unnamed companies: one a U.S. law firm and another a global apparel firm.

The attack on Visma demonstrates a key point of Beijing’s tactics. The company, which provides software to 850,000 clients around the world, was likely seen as a potential access point to internal networks of other firms. Previously, both Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. and IBM were targeted with the same goal of breaking into a key supplier and then targeting its clients as part of the broad hacking campaign known as “Operation Cloud Hopper.”

Those attacks on companies with clients around the world point to the importance of recognizing that an attack on one company located in one country can have much broader implications and is a global concern. It also reinforces the need for coordinated protections and responses. ..Read More..

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