SBI forgot to protect server with password: US tech site

TechCrunch says that the bank risked personal data theft of millions from its SBI Quick service.

India’s largest bank, the State Bank of India (SBI) simply forgot to protect its server with password, risking theft of personal data of several million account holders. The US-based technology news portal TechCrunch on Wednesday reported that an unnamed cyber security expert brought this lapse to its notice and the portal decided to publish it after verifying that the claims were true. TechCrunch says the security researcher who discovered the leak wants to remain anonymous.

The bank data in question was purportedly from SBI’s data centre in Mumbai and was, according to TechCrunch, related to its service called SBI Quick, where bank’s customers can send SMS or give a missed call to know the balance in their account and/or details of the last five transactions. ..Read More..

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