Panasonic Unified Digital Evidence

This is no upgrade.

Manage and secure your entire Arbitrator In-Car and Body Worn video, including all your digital evidence from multiple sources using a simple, yet powerful, web-based Unified Digital Evidence cloud hosted solution, delivered in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

Unified Digital Evidence: Key Benefits

Manage every camera from one dashboard

Unified Digital Evidence defines how Arbitrator evidence capture hardware behaves. When cameras turn on. Who can access files? Where data is stored and archived. You set the protocols and the entire system complies automatically.

Change policies on demand

Need to change GPS speed to trigger recording at 70 mph instead of 60? Just change it in Unified Digital Evidence and your entire fleet will comply.

Work where you are: web, mobile, desktop

Access the files and tools you need from anywhere. With Unified Digital Evidence you can search, playback files and share evidence from anywhere you have a signal.

Playback body camera footage with your phone

The Unified Digital Evidence app lets officers view videos captured by officer body worn cameras. ..Read More..

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