PepsiCo Sees Future In Artificial Intelligence After Launching Snack-Delivery Robot

The mobile vending machine that PepsiCo recently launched at University of the Pacific has caused excitement among college students craving for a quick refreshment, but the U.S. food giant suggested that this is only the tip of the iceberg of when it comes to providing food service using artificial intelligence.

The self-driving robots, named as Snackbot, were developed through a partnership between PepsiCo and the Bay Area-based Robby Technologies.

At the moment, they deliver snacks and beverages from PepsiCo’s better-for-you portfolio Hello Goodness, which includes Smartfood Delight, Baked Lay’s, SunChips, Pure Leaf Iced Tea, bubly, LIFEWTR and Starbucks Cold Brew.

The Hello Goodness range was launched in 2015, and it has been boosting PepsiCo’s e-commerce and vending businesses.

The company previously conducted a Hello Goodness store test on Amazon back in 2017, and it showed its healthy snacking portfolio performed nearly 45% better than the sales from other similar campaigns and return on investment for advertising. ..Read More..

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