Will jail officials: Supreme Court on plea that people prosecuted under junked Sec 66A

The Supreme Court has come down heavily on the Centre for not taking appropriate measures to prevent arrests made under Section 66A of the IT Act struck down by the top court.

In 2015, the Supreme Court had scrapped Section 66A of the Information Technology Act that prescribed a three-year jail term for online content that could be construed to be offensive or false, holding that this provision violates the constitutional freedom of speech and expression.

But a petition before the Supreme Court on Monday said people were still being prosecuted under the dead cyber law. The petition also listed some cases where people were still facing prosecution.

The petition was filed by the People’s Union for Civil Liberties or PUCL in which it claimed that as many as 22 people had been prosecuted under the now dead cyber law ever since it was struck down by the Supreme Court.

“If what they allege is correct, then you people will face severe strictures,” said Justice Rohinton Fali Nariman.

“We will send everyone to jail who ordered the arrests. We are going to take very strict action,” the judge said. ..Read More..

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