Prepare for the new royal wedding of IT: AI and cyber security

Phishing, cyber bots, multi-cloud strategies, zero trust, diversity in cyber and blockchain and cyber: we are set to enter a tumultuous period for cyber crime: but AI and cyber security will become the partnership that both cyber security and cyber criminals will put their faith in

There will be a high priest at the IT wedding as AI and cyber security tie the knot regulation will help conduct the ceremony — this facilitator won’t create the union, love is what lovers do, but our beloved regulators around the world will formalise the union. As for the best Man/Best Women: that will be diversity.

There is much that can go wrong. Does anyone here know any reason why this wedding between a beaming AI and cyber security, blushing down the aisle should not go ahead? Well, there’s the dreaded password, there is that nagging suspicion that AI has been having an affair with cyber criminals, and there is the inevitable complexity of marriage — the internet of things, indeed the internet of identity will throw confetti but it is not clear where its loyalties lie. Finally, it is far from clear whether blockchain will be the embarrassing uncle, dancing without rhythm at the post-wedding party, or the scintillating wit that makes everyone roar with laughter during the speeches. ..Read More..

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