Open source offences, fake website menace on the rise

The city has witnessed a spurt in the ‘open source offences’ and fake websites cases if the data available with the Cyber Crime Police Station in Visakhapatnam are any indication. According to the police, the ‘open source offences’ and fake websites cases have emerged as a new trend this year, accounting for around 30% of total cyber crime cases reported.

‘Open source offences’ can be explained as the crimes committed by misutilising the data available on the public domain.

This year, the Cyber Crime Police Station has registered around 540 cases when compared to the 576 reported last year. Majority of the cases are One Time Password (OTP) frauds, while the rest are e-commerce site frauds, abuse on social media, matrimonal frauds and etc.

Explaining the modus operandi of the open source cases, Cyber Crime Inspector V. Gopinath says that customers usually search in Internet for customer-care numbers if there are any issues with the products they have brought online.

Modus operandi

“Seizing the opportunity, fraudsters set their numbers as the customer-care helplines and assure the customers that their team will receive the defective products from their doorsteps. In the process, fraudsters ask for ATM card details, promising refund the amount. After gullible customers falls prey to it, fraudsters siphon money from the customers bank accounts utilising the confidential debit card details. Such cases have touched almost 30% this year,” Mr. Gopinath explained. ..Read More..

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