Laws on hate crimes in cyber space should be a top priority – Rotenberg

If the US Federal Trade Commission had enforced findings it made in 2011 against Facebook, we might not have had the Cambridge Analytica scandal or Brexit, and the election of Donald Trump might not have happened, privacy advocate Marc Rotenberg said in Dublin.

Mr Rotenberg said on Thursday that in seven years, the US authority had not found “a single infraction” by Facebook against a consent order it issued in 2011.

He said that for this reason he actually had “a certain amount of sympathy” for the social media company following from the controversies in recent years.

He also said the Republic has the potential to be a critical “influencer” in the behaviours and approaches taken by global social media companies, particularly in areas concerning privacy and hate speech.

Mr Rotenberg, president of the Washington-based Electronic Privacy Information Centre (Epic), was in Dublin to deliver the 12th annual Dave Ellis Memorial Lecture organised by the legal rights organisation Flac on Thursday. ..Read More..

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