Shamoon malware destroys data at Italian oil and gas company

A new variant of the Shamoon malware was discovered on the network of Italian oil and gas contractor Saipem, where it destroyed files on about ten percent of the company’s PC fleet, ZDNet has learned.

The vast majority of the affected systems were located in the Middle East, where Saipem does a vast majority of its business, but infections were also reported in India, Italy, and Scotland.A

Shamoon is one of the most dangerous strains of malware known to date. It was first deployed in two separate incidents that targeted the infrastructure of Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia’s largest oil producer, in 2012and 2016. During those incidents, the malware wiped files and replaced them with propaganda images (burning US flag, body of Alan Kurdi). The 2012 attack was devastating in particular, with Shamoon wiping data on over 30,000 computers, crippling the company’s activity for weeks.

This new Shamoon attack also has an Aramco connection. Saipem, an Italian oil and gas company specialized in drilling services and pipeline design, is one of Saudi Aramco’s main foreign contractors. ..Read More..

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