E-commerce platforms need to strengthen DNS security

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s cyber landscape has evolved tremendously, with higher growth recorded in the e-commerce segment year-on-year.

However, this sector also poses greater threat for consumers as personal and financial information are easily exposed to data leakage and theft.

EfficientIP, global provider for network management solutions, revealed that companies engaging in e-commerce activities need to take significant pre-caution steps and consideration for protecting Domain Name Server (DNS) from attacks.

DNS is the frontline for security, processing considerable amounts of traffic, accordingly, and from becoming exposed to potential threats, both internally and externally.

EffcientIP Asia Pacific (APAC) Regional manager Nick Itta said due to rapid changes in the cyber landscape, companies become highly at-risk of data exfiltration and most vulnerable to attacks is the DNS.

“This should be of concern to companies exploring e-commerce as they house sensitive customer information,” he told Bernama.

According to EfficientIP’s 2018 DNS Threat Report, nearly one-third of companies in the Asia-Pacific experienced data theft.

“As Malaysia is going big on online payment, e-wallet and other financial instruments initiatives, we can still see that DNS security is still sorely and widely undermined as an area that needs due-diligence and protection. ..Read More..

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