Revealed: Marriott’s 500 Million Hack Came After A String Of Security Breaches

On Friday, hospitality giant Marriott revealed a massive hack led to the theft of personal data of a whopping 500 million customers of its Starwood hotels.

To some onlookers the breach, one of the biggest on record, was astonishing. To those who’ve been tracking Marriott and Starwood digital security, it wasn’t a huge surprise. Prior to the four-year-old breach being discovered, Marriott suffered at least one previously unreported hack, including an infection that hit the company’s own cyber-incident response team, Forbeshas learned. And there’s evidence Russian cybercriminals have breached Starwood Web servers.

Marriott’s security is now facing probes from multiple government bodies, including the New York Attorney General’s office. European regulators like the U.K. information commissioner, who have the ability to fine companies significant sums with the power of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), are also looking into the incident.

Senator Ron Wyden  (D-OR) said American regulators needed powers to issue heavier fines on U.S. companies that have failed to protect citizens’ data. “Clearly, current status quo isn’t working,” he said. “The Federal Trade Commission needs real powers with strong teeth in order to punish companies that lose or misuse Americans’ private information. Until companies like Marriott feel the threat of multibillion-dollar fines, and jail time for their senior executives, these companies won’t take privacy seriously.” ..Read More..

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