A smart TV cyber security vulnerability may affect your connected home

Smart devices are becoming an increasingly common sight in many venues including people’s homes and places of work. In homes, smart devices have been cautiously accepted in the form of s,mart TVs, Amazon Echo and to a lesser extent, Google Home voice assistants. The way that these voice assistants work requires them to listen to us all the time. Fortunately as you would expect from businesses of their stature, both Amazon and Google have invested heavily in security. But what about you’re smart TVs? Are manufactures doing enough to strengthen smart TV cyber security?

Sure, Samsung and co know what they’re doing when it comes to smart TV cyber security. However, the stakes aren’t as high for a TV as they are for a voice assistant that “lives” in your bedroom. Consequently, smart TVs and some home devices are often much more unprotected than other devices on your network.

Why Security Matters

Devices in a smart home are often linked to personal bank accounts or social media accounts, or other personal information. This means that unauthorized access could result in personal information becoming public. But what about your smart TV? What kind of security threat does it pose?

Well, some smart TVs contain built-in cameras and microphones. The right exploit could potentially allow these to be turned on and off or set to record without the owner knowing. The issues caused by a weak link in network security will be felt far beyond the device itself. Sometimes, the attacked device is very unlikely to be the target. However, it may be used to reach the ultimate goal of gaining access to your connected home network. ..Read More..

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