AI system predicts business cyberattacks hatched in dark web forums

An international cybersecurity research team has developed an AI system that predicts business targeted cyberattacks from forum discussions on the dark web

The dark web refers to the underbelly of the internet, cut loose from search engine indexes and accessible only via specialist browsers like Tor.

Darkweb or deep-web marketplaces and forums are well known for being the go-to place for purchasing illegal drugs, guns, and forged documents online.

The same forums and marketplaces are often teeming with hackers anonymously discussing vulnerabilities and selling malicious software that exploits them.

Popular Russian hacking site FreeHacks has 5,000 active members who enthusiastically discuss techniques like “carding” (the term for credit card theft attacks) and “phreaking” (breaching someone’s security network).

Until now, their discussions have not been analysed at scale.

Firms at risk

Large organisations such as Equifax, Verizon, and Gmail have all been subject to recent data breaches, while some are perpetrated internally, a 2017 Verizon investigation report revealed that 75% of breaches are perpetrated by outsiders exploiting known vulnerabilities.

Organisations are increasingly in need of tools to proactively identify if they will be attacked, and monitoring dark web discussions to predict future attacks had been touted as a potential solution to infiltrations. ..Read More..

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