In chips for the internet of things has built an eternal battery

When in 2025 the Internet will connect one trillion devices in the Internet of things, they all need energy. However, the wireless chips from Atmosic Technologies external power is not required, and can be used countless beacons, controllers and fitness trackers.

California startup Atmosic Technologies implements the idea of “infinite energy” for connected devices. For this developed three innovative technologies: radio with a minimum consumption of energy, activate on request and controlled energy absorption.

For wireless connectivity, the company intends to use the Bluetooth 5. It is four times the normal Bluetooth range of the action (and can now compete with Wi-Fi), two times the speed and eight times the bandwidth, according to VentureBeat.

Chips Atmosic M2 series reduce energy consumption by 10-100 times. And the technology to generate energy from the environment series M3 provides an adequate flow of electricity to opt-out of battery completely.

Other differences from M2 and M3 — the presence of built-in flash memory, and housing type — 6×6 DRQFN instead of 5×5 QFN.

“When Wi-Fi was in its infancy, we could not imagine that he would become a ubiquitous communication tool that will connect billions of people with their devices, says David su, Chairman Atmosic. In Atmosic we believe that needs no batteries, the Internet of things will be the same revolutionary technology.” ..Read More..

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