Tesla Model 3 Hacked and Stolen

A Tesla Model 3 Was Shown To Be Hacked and Stolen

Slasher horror flicks are not the only things hacking their way into our lives this October. On Oct. 21, 2018, Anthony Kennedy shared a video to YouTube of the theft of his Tesla Model S. In the video, it shows the thieves hacking into the car’s system by taking advantage of the passive entry system. However, Kennedy is not the only victim to have his Tesla stolen. There were more than 10 Tesla Model S’s taken the same way between 2016 and 2017. Unfortunately, similar to Kennedy’s, the cars were not located. Teslas are considered almost theft proof due to their always-on advanced GPS system. However, thieves managed to hack the key-fob entry system and were able to gain access. How can the car not be tracked? In these cases, the thieves managed to disable the remote access. No access to the remote access means that both the owner and Tesla cannot access the location of the vehicle.

Is Tesla Responsible For Their Cars Being Stolen?

In Jul. 2017, Tesla announced this security risk through an e-mail to all owners. In the e-mail, they state:

“We would like to share some tips for ensuring the safety of your Tesla. When enabled, our Passive Entry setting will automatically unlock the doors of your Model S when you approach it with your key. Relay attacks, a type of vehicle break-in that can be targeted at vehicles from many manufacturers including Tesla, allows an attacker to transmit a signal from your key in one location to your car in another location, thereby creating the potential for unauthorized access and entry.

You can decrease the likelihood of unauthorized entry by disabling Passive Entry when parked in public spaces or storing your key in a holder which blocks electromagnetic transmissions, such as an RFID-blocking sleeve or Faraday cage.” ..Read More..

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