Serious Vulnerability Discovered In X.Org Server Affects Major Linux and BSD Variants

Researcher Narendra Shinde discovered a serious vulnerability affecting multiple BSD and Linux distributions. Reportedly, X-Org server has local privilege escalation flaw that allows an attacker to elevate privileges and gain root access.

Shinde has disclosed his findings in a separate report. As stated, the x-Org server has an “arbitrary file overwrite” vulnerability. It allows an attacker to create or amend files on the target system.

“ X Server application is vulnerable to privilege escalation issue. X Server application allows lower privileged user to create or overwrite file anywhere on system, including files owned by privileged users (ex. /etc/shadow). The attacker needs to have active console session to exploit this issue.”

According to’s security advisory, the vulnerability mainly exists due to incorrect handling and validation of argument for at least two command-line parameters: -modulepath, and –logfile.

“Incorrect command-line parameter validation in the Xorg X server can lead to privilege elevation and/or arbitrary files overwrite, when the X server is running with elevated privileges (ie when Xorg is installed with the setuid bit set and started by a non-root user).”

Although, the vulnerability won’t let an attacker gain access to the system, it certainly facilitates them to gain complete control if they already have a lower privileged account. The issue received CVE-2018-14665, and mainly affects X.Org X server 1.19.0 and later. ..Read More..

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