IoT ecosystem needs to be investigated, say experts

A conference of IoT experts convened by Enisa and Europol has made key recommendations to ensure security vulnerabilities do not overshadow benefits.

The entire internet of things (IoT) ecosystem needs to be looked into, according to experts meeting in The Hague at a two-day conference to address IoT security vulnerabilities to ensure the techology’s benefits are realised.

The conference was convened by the European Union’s (EU’s) cyber security agency Enisa and policing agency Europol, bringing together 300 experts from the private sector, security community, law enforcement, the European Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs) community and academia.

In addition to examining the IoT ecosystem, the conference made several other key recommendations, including that holistic, pragmatic, practical and economically viable security systems need to be promoted.

The experts said security should not be an afterthought when designing systems – and IoT systems are no exception.

However, they said implementing security does not need to be complicated, as outlined by Enisa’s baseline security recommendations for IoT, which manufacturers and users of IoT devices and systems can use as a checklist against which to assess their IoT security systems.

The UK government has also recently published a voluntary code of practice (CoP) to help manufacturers boost the security of IoT devices. ..Read More..

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