How to Keep a Cyberattack from Turning into Nuclear War? Keep Talking

In 2017, North Korea became the third adversarial country to find itself capable of reaching the U.S. homeland with nuclear weapons. Whether Washington likes it or not, today the United States and North Korea find themselves in a nuclear deterrent relationship, and both sides must continue to talk to manage the nuclear dangers between them.

One danger that merits special attention is the possibility of a North Korean cyberattack escalating out of control – one that sparks an American counterstrike using conventional weapons so intense that Pyongyang responds with an attempted nuclear missile attack on the United States. Or, a scenario where a North Korean cyberattack hits an American target so vital that it elicits an American nuclear missile strike in return.

It’s not fantasy. These dynamics are particularly salient given certain policy changes introduced by the Trump administration’s Nuclear Posture Review, or NPR...Read More…

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