Martin Coyne Files Blockchain Patent for Automotive Cyber Security

A blockchain is a string or chain of digital “blocks” that contain records of each transaction. Each successful block is connected to all of the blocks before and after the transaction. These connections make the entire process very difficult to tamper with a single record. Currently, cyber hackers deploy methods to bypass strong security, however, with blockchain, a hacker would need to change the block containing the record as well as all those linked to it in order to avoid detection. This would require changing thousands of records. This would also add additional security on top of today’s standards in cybersecurity. The automotive industry contains data from vehicles, and some of the data is subject to sensitivity as it may contain GPS locations, therefore, security inessential. The security solution based on blockchain would also introduce early notification of attacks when one single record is tampered with. Early notifications are necessary for preventing further damage….Read More…

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