IBM puts tactical cybersecurity centre into a truck

IBM has refitted a semi-trailer to become a “cyber tactical operations centre” that it can use to train customers’ security teams or for mobile investigations.

In a video, IBM Security’s vice president of threat intelligence, Caleb Barlow, said the vendor had “learned a lot” in the two years since it built its first “fully immersive cyber security range”.

The cyber range was intended as a commercial training ground for security teams in how they would respond to an incident or breach, and about 2000 teams went through in those two years.

However, Barlow said the next step was to take that capability on the road, leading to the creation of the IBM X-Force command cyber tactical operations center (C-TOC).

Housed in a semi-trailer, it can be “configured as a cyber range, a sterile environment for running cyber investigations, or an onsite cyber watch floor for special security events”, IBM said...Read More…

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