Deportation made optional in UAE cybercrime law

People charged with cybercrime related cases will no longer be subjected to mandatory deportation following the amendments made to the UAE Cybercrimes Law, according to authorities concerned.

Cybercrimes – most commonly insults and threats issued online – may not necessarily face imprisonment and deportation under the amended cyber crimes law. However, the court may rule to place the accused under an electronic probation and monitoring, and prevent him from using virtual platforms during a period not exceeding the penalty prescribed in the law.

The Dubai Court of Appeals recently overturned the deportation of a Canadian national, based on the Emiri Decree Number 2/2018 recently issued by the President, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Hassan Elhais, legal counsellor of Al Rowaad Advocates, praised the new changes to the cybercrimes law, saying that it will greatly benefit people who have no criminal records….Read More…

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