Why Didn’t Walmart Put Blockchain in This Cart That Measures How Tense and Sweaty You Are?

If there’s anything Walmart shoppers needed, it is shopping carts that spy on you. And those shoppers are in luck: Per Vice, the retail giant has filed a patent for shopping carts that could potentially host a range of sensors that would track shoppers throughout the store.

According to the patent, which is titled “System And Method For A Biometric Feedback Cart Handle,” the carts could feature sensors capable of monitoring a shopper’s heart rate, temperature, “force being applied to the shopping cart handle,” and current cart-pushing speed, as well as track the weight of the items stored in the carts and their locations in a store. As Vice noted, the patent also mentions the possibility of including a “pulse oximeter,” a device for non-invasively measuring oxygen saturation in a person’s bloodstream.

In other words, it’s a cart that attempts to measure how tense, sweaty, and exhausted you are while pushing it, and then potentially stores it in a database along with measurements of other people who are tense, sweaty, and exhausted in Walmart stores. It is not my idea, but I am taking credit for it...Read More…

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